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Kvarner, because diversity is beautiful!



On islands and on the coast, there are wonderful beaches, plenty of possibilities for sports on the water or on land, as well as having fun according to your choice. Here you can also enjoy in the crazy rhythm of youth clubs or listen to serenades on the hotel terrace by the sea, try specialties at the slow food restaurant which deserves international gastronomical awards for its quality or at an inn to taste fresh fish, just caught in the sea… In the interior of the region, you can enjoy in the mountainous landscape, pleasant summers and a winter atmosphere you can see on old postcards. And another thing: winter in Rijeka hinterland provides a memorable experience: you can ski or sleigh-ride overlooking the sea! There is so much diversity on Kvarner, so many different landscapes and experiences based on history, tradition and modernity.

In one image, Kvarner tells many stories. It is a destination for those who want to rest in the authentic nature, adventurists or lovers of cultural heritage. It is often a destination for business people who hold congresses and other meetings there. With its rich tradition and cultural heritage, Kvarner represents the origin of Croatian culture. This is where the oldest written monument in Croatian language, Baška Tablet (1100) was created, just like Vinodol Law (the oldest text of the Croatian medieval common law from the 13th century). Julije Klović, according to many the Michelangelo of miniature, comes from this region. There are also wonderful acropolis villages, writers who paved the way of new trends on the international level… It is precisely in the area of Kvarner, in the aquatorium of Mali Lošinj, that the statue of Apoxyomenos was found, the Greek athlete from the 4th century b.C. So many different landscapes and worlds, so many different stories…

At any time of the year, Kvarner expects you with a great number of events and possibilities for a good and active holiday. Although it is most lively in the summer, Kvarner will be an interesting destination in all seasons, particularly attractive to those who do not like crowds, but still enjoy a large number of performances, possibilities for walks and active holiday, interesting workshops and the pleasure of a rich wellness offer. We would advise all to study the rich calendar of Kvarner events in order not to miss some of the most interesting ones. The beginning of the year is marked by the carnival, and all customs related to it, as well as traditional carnival processions, among which the Rijeka International Carnival is internationally the most attractive. In March, the Opatija Riviera welcomes you with Days of Open Wellness Doors, and during several months, there are many festivals related to nature and ecology in the entire region, such as Asparagus Days, Cherry Days, Mountain Fruit Days, Rose of Vinodol… There is also a rich programme of cultural and entertainment performances based on tradition, but also contemporary artistic expression, as well as a rich treasury of museums, galleries, sacral objects, cultural monuments…

In a nutshell, Kvarner is a destination for all seasons of the year!

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