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Cres, No-stress island

The island of Cres is a perfect natural health resort thanks to its mild climate, beautiful beaches, crystal-clear sea, and untouched nature. More than 1,400 different plant species grow here, such as sage, immortelle, spurge, dandelion, nettle and other wild and medicinal herbs, which make Cres a true botanical garden. The island is also home to the Cres sheep, which is the most common animal (there being several thousand of them on the island), and also to the griffon vulture, a protected bird species and one of the largest flying birds in the world.

Unspoilt nature and good weather throughout the year provide numerous opportunities for outdoor activities. The island of Cres offers attractive hiking and biking trails that combine the wilderness of the hinterland with the shimmering beauty of the coast. A tour of the island will take you to interesting historical and cultural sites such as the town of Cres, built in the Venetian style, the ancient settlements of Lubenice and Beli, or the old fishing villages of Valun and Martinšćica.

Traditional island cuisine is a real treat for food lovers. It is based on local ingredients such as fish, extra virgin olive oil, honey, cheese, and Cres lamb, which is a well-known island delicacy.

If diversity is another name for wealth, then the island of Cres is a real pearl and a unique holiday destination, for it is one of the last places where you can experience the Mediterranean as it once was.


Improving the general conditions of stay for tourists, promoting Cres’s tourist offer, raising awareness of the importance of economic, social, and other effects of tourism, preserving and improving all aspects of the tourist offer.

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The Cres Tourist Board cooperates with all members in its area and encourages them to offer and promote healthy and natural products and services based on the island’s natural therapeutically factors. Cres, no stress island, an island of perfect balance of nature and humans, is an ideal destination to rest from the fast-paced lifestyle. A combination of aerosol and all medicinal herbs provides all benefits for a healthy lifestyle.