Ekonomski fakultet Sveučilišta u Rijeci

Ivana Filipovića 4, Rijeka
07:30 - 15:30
Contact person:
Ticiana Musul Tićac, oec.
Dean's secretary
Employees: 108

About us

The EFRI offers undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate education, as well as scientific and developmental research. The scientific research activity of the EFRI is focused on the creation of scientific projects from the programmes of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia, and also includes other domestic and foreign institutions.


1. Higher education

The Faculty organizes and conducts university studies in the field of social sciences and the field of economics:

  1. Undergraduate university studies
  2. Graduate university studies
  3. Postgraduate university study (doctoral study)
  4. Postgraduate specialist study

The EFRI organizes and conducts professional studies
Conducts the process of obtaining a doctorate in science

2. Scientific activity and professional work

The faculty organizes and carries out scientific, scientific research, scientific development and professional work, and in particular:

  1. Organizes and holds scientific meetings, symposia, consultations, seminars, congresses and other gatherings;
  2. Provides research and development services, consultations and expert consulting services;
  3. Prepares scientific research studies, expertise, reports and expert reports;
  4. Organizes and implements various educational programmes that are not considered studies and are based on the principles of lifelong learning;
  5. Organizes courses and other forms of supplementary education for participants;
  6. Performs project reviews and audits;
  7. Develops scientific youth;
  8. Performs other scientific, scientific development and professional tasks;
    Adult education activity;
    Sale of promotional materials for the Faculty’s publicity needs

Additional information

The Faculty of Economics and Business in Rijeka also offers online study programmes in the fields of entrepreneurship, finance and management at the undergraduate and graduate level and is the organizer of the International Business Course in English.

As part of lifelong learning, the Faculty implements a series of specialized trainings and prepares students for obtaining professional certificates.

The EFRI Career Centre is a link between the academic community and the labour market, enabling the students of the Faculty to gain professional practice in the course of study in one of the Faculty’s partner companies.