Gorski kotar tourist board

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Petar Hrg, Director
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About us


Gorski Kotar is the green oasis of Europe and Croatia where at every turn you can notice the harmonious co-existence of man and nature. With its clear lakes, sunny meadows, numerous water sources, streams, rivers, and wondrous hills and mountains, Gorski Kotar is an ideal destination for different types of excursions or a pleasant holiday.

If you are looking for almost meditative tranquillity or an activity holiday, an unforgettable adventure or cosy winter nights by the fireplace, you needn’t look any further. If you want to explore a rich cultural heritage and an authentic natural landscape, Gorski Kotar is sure to amaze you. As it connects Continental and Mediterranean Croatia and borders the neighbouring Slovenia, Gorski Kotar has a rich and diverse tradition and cultural values running through every facet of this destination, from gastronomy to the magnificent architecture provided by nature.

Feel the adrenaline of an activity holiday at any time of the year and enjoy a rich Gorski Kotar feast of local specialities prepared from ingredients sourced from the highlands or venison specialities. Surrender yourself to the majestic power of Mother Nature and its healing properties on the human body.

Here you will find unspoilt nature that hides a unique beauty and tranquillity, as well as green landscapes where you can fall asleep to the gentle murmur of the forest. The warmth of the picturesque villages of Gorski Kotar and its inhabitants will stir your soul, and the hospitality of the locals will find a way to your heart.

Every micro-location provides an authentic offer, from rich traditional heritage to a modern tourist offer. What all of them have in common is the tradition of Gorski Kotar, untouched nature and hospitable locals.

Forget all about stress and enjoy the nicer side of life.


  • Development and promotion of Gorski Kotar through coordination of key tourism development activities
  • Ensuring representation of specific local interests by strengthening local initiative and connecting stakeholders at the local level to create internationally competitive tourism products.
  • Improving the living conditions of tourists in the destination and developing awareness of the importance and economic, social and other effects of tourism, preservation and improvement of all elements of the tourist resource base, especially environmental protection and natural and cultural heritage in accordance with sustainable development principles.